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DACOR’s mission is to bring foreign affairs professionals together in support of diplomacy, the Foreign Service, the public’s understanding of diplomacy, and the preservation of the historic DACOR Bacon House. Please support our mission through a tax-deductible contribution to the DACOR Bacon House Foundation. 

The DACOR Bacon House Preservation Fund


The DACOR Bacon House Preservation Fund exists to secure the House’s role as a beacon for diplomacy and statesmanship for generations to come.

A 200-year old house requires many essential tasks every year for the preservation, maintenance, and modernization of both the inside and outside. DACOR members know that this fund is critical to the future of the organization and our mission.

Tax deductible contributions support the long-term needs of the House’s physical structure and are a critical part of our memberships’ stewardship responsibilities. It is most important that DACOR increase the savings in this fund to build for the future needs of the House and in order to protect the DACOR Bacon House in perpetuity.

The many ways you can give to the DACOR Bacon House Foundation are outlined below. Please contact Director of Development Jared Hughes at or 202.682.0500 x23 for further information or to make your donation to the DBHF.


Ways to Give


DACOR Bacon House Foundation invites our members and Friends to consider making tax-deductible contributions to the Annual Fund at any time of year which, unless otherwise designated, are earmarked for where they are needed most which, for now, is House Preservation. Any gifts can be in memory of or in thanksgiving for loved ones, friends, and colleagues. If you choose to designate them as such, we will make every effort to notify the honoree that you made a gift in their name.

 Thank you for your patience as we transition to a new on-line donation credit / debit card processor. In the meantime, you can make one-time donations or set up recurring monthly giving using your credit card / debit card / direct debit through ACH with your bank email or call 202-682-0500 x23 and speak with Jared Hughes - DACOR Bacon House Foundation's Director of Development.

The Foundation accepts donations in memory of loved ones and colleagues and in thanksgiving for major life events, commissionings, appointments and anniversaries. All donations are acknowledged in the monthly The DACOR Bulletin. (The deadline for submissions is the 6th day of the previous month; e.g. for the June issue, memorial donations made before May 6th will appear.) If you would like to arrange for recurring annual gift commemorations on certain dates that can also be arranged. Email or call 202-682-0500 x23 to speak with Jared Hughes - DACOR Bacon House Foundation's Director of Development.

DACOR Bacon House Foundation welcomes donations of securities, which may have significant tax advantages for you, the donor. To donate securities, simply contact your broker and instruct them as to the amount of the donation you wish to make, and they will help you determine which securities are the most tax-wise to use based on your cost basis and capital gains liabilities. and will accomplish the transfer for you. Provide them with our account information as described below and make sure to let us know what we should expect to land in our account and when so that we can liquidate them. Please note that donations to DACOR Bacon House Foundation are tax-deductible.

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DACOR Bacon House Foundation
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For assistance in transferring stock, please contact:

Jared Hughes
Director of Development
1801 F St., NW
Washington, DC 20006
202.682.0500 x 23

If you are 70½ or older, the IRA rollover / Required Minimum Distribution is a great way to make a gift to DACOR Bacon House Foundation. There are a few things that we want to share with you about how this tax benefit works. Making a "charitable IRA rollover" or converting your annual required minimum distribution into a charitable gift is simple. Your plan administrator, at your request, transfers all or part of an IRA’s required minimum distribution to DACOR Bacon House Foundation (EIN: 52-6059096)

The IRS will not treat this as taxable income. You can make a charitable gift using pre-tax IRA assets rather than taking a distribution that would require you to pay income taxes and then use your after-tax assets to make your charitable contributions.

The transfer cannot exceed $100,000, but the amount you choose will count towards your required annual IRA minimum withdrawal amount.

These kinds of gifts may also result in state income tax savings.

To take advantage of this, you need to arrange a direct transfer to an eligible charity (DACOR Bacon House Foundation EIN 52-6059096) by the end of the calendar year. You will want to give your IRA administrator plenty of notice before the end of the year as they are inundated with requests at year end.

Sample letters to assist you are easily accessed by clicking here.

Last year, several our largest year-end donations came to DACOR this way and we would be more than pleased to keep up the tradition! Thank you for your continuing support.

The DACOR Bacon House Foundation gratefully accepts gifts through bequests through a will or living trust, as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, retirement fund or other financial account. By doing so, you will become a member of the DACOR Legacy Society. You may opt to remain an anonymous member if desired and still enjoy the benefits. Visit DACOR Legacy Society for more information and email or call 202-682-0500 x23 to speak with Jared Hughes - DACOR Bacon House Foundation's Director of Development.

DACOR accepts gifts of furnishings, rugs, memorabilia, art and artifacts that are appropriate for the DACOR Bacon House. While many items are kept for use or display in the House, others may be sold at auction with the proceeds supporting the House Preservation Fund.

Please visit Scholarships and Fellowships for more information on outright giving to the Education Fund and leaving bequests for education purposes. The Foundation's newest fund is a fitting memorial tribute to a beloved Executive Director - the Sherry Barndollar Rock Scholarship Fund. Sherry put a tremendous value on education in the foreign affairs field. All donations are tax-deductible and may be executed in a variety of ways. To discuss a gift to this or any of the Scholarships and Fellowships or to establish a new one, email or call 202-682-0500 x23 and speak with Jared Hughes - DACOR Bacon House Foundation's Director of Development.

For assistance in making a gift to DACOR Bacon House Foundation from your Donor Advised Fund, or for more information about the setting one up, email or call 202-682-0500 x23 and speak with Jared Hughes - DACOR Bacon House Foundation's Director of Development.