President: Angela Dickey, FSO, ret.Vice President: Sylvia Stanfield, Ambassador, ret.
Secretary: Elizabeth Warner, Lawyer & EducatorAssistant Secretary: Alfreda Meyers, FSO, ret.
Treasurer: Richard Morford, FSO, ret.Assistant Treasurer: Janice Bay., FSO, ret.

Governors of DACOR, Inc. & Trustees of DACOR Bacon House Foundation

Shaz Akram, President, HerPivot.Richard A. Morford, FSO, ret.
Deborah A. Bolton, Minister-Counselor, ret.Pooja Chandra Pama, Entrepreneur & Humanitarian Diplomat
Harry Baumgarten, 
Assistant Attorney General.
Lynne Platt, Minister-Counselor, ret.
The Honorable R. Clarke CooperMattie Sharpless, Ambassador, ret.

Craig Hall, Sr. Director International Government Affairs, Chevron.

Thomas Staal, FSO, ret.  
Gene R. Harris, FSO, ret.Sylvia Stanfield, Ambassador, ret.
Carolee Heileman, FSO, ret. Stephen Thompson, FSO, ret.
Julie Herr, Civil Service, ret. - StateDaphne M. Titus, FSO, ret.
Paula Jakub, AFSPA CEO & SLF Executive DirectorLynn Northcutt Vega, 
U.S. Agency for International Development, ret.
Donald Kursch, Minister-Counselor, ret.
Marc Wall, Ambassador, ret.
Dana Linnet,CEO; FSO, ret.Ashley Wills, Ambassador, ret.
Joanna Martin,  FSO, ret.Meredith Whiting, ret. 
Keith McCormick, FSO, ret. 

Honorary Governors of DACOR, Inc. & Trustees of DACOR Bacon House Foundation

James Benson, FSO, ret.Paul Denig, FSO, Ret.
Joan M. Clark, Ambassador, ret.Raymond C. Ewing, Ambassador, ret.
Paul M. Cleveland, Ambassador, ret.Martin Hurwitz, DISES, ret.
James Dandridge II, Minister-Counselor, ret. 

The Audit Committee recommends for full Board of Governors/Board of Trustees approval the selection of independent auditors to perform an annual audit of financial records; provides oversight of the audit; reviews the audited financial statements, management letter, and management’s response; and reviews the presentation of financial statements to the membership.

Chair: Leo Cecchini
Staff: Raheem

The Awards Committee solicits nominations for awards and selects recipients for awards on an as-needed basis, particularly the Foreign Service Cup and the Tragen Award.

Chair: Angela Dickey
Staff: John Bradshaw

The Development Committee has responsibility for the development of sustainable long-term financial resources for DACOR, Inc. and DACOR Bacon House Foundation. The Development Committee assists and advises the Executive Committee on all revenue-generation plans by designing, reviewing, evaluating and implementing all proposed financial development and marketing strategies. The initial, exclusive focus of the Committee is on the design and execution of a campaign to raise funds for the House Preservation Fund.

This Committee also advises the Executive Committee on the development and oversight of a strategic planning process and plan for both organizations. Finally, the Committee ensures that all monies raised in revenue-generation plans are spent on projects that reflect donor intent, assuring donors that their wishes will be honored and providing oversight over the actual expenditure of donated funds.

Co-Chair: Dana Linnet
Co-Chair: Paul Denig
Staff: Jared Hughes

The Education Committee finds and recognizes undergraduate and graduate scholars who are committed to the study of international affairs, and provides them with grants to assist in tuition expenses.

Co-Chair: Stephen Thompson
Co-Chair: Marti Estell
Staff: Christine Skodon

The Executive Committee acts on behalf of the Board of Governors and Board of Trustees when the Board is not in session.

Chair: Angela Dickey
Staff: John Bradshaw

The Finance Committee coordinates the Board’s financial oversight responsibilities. The Committee is responsible for the planning, monitoring, and evaluation of DACOR and DACOR Bacon House Foundation (DBHF) policies and programs for funding (jointly with the Development Committee), financial management, facilities management (jointly with the House Committee), assets, risks, and insurance.

Chair: Richard Morford
Staff: Raheem

The Gift Acceptance Committee ensures that gifts accepted by DACOR and DACOR Bacon House Foundation promote the mission of the organization, comply with stated gift policies and in no way place undue risk or burden on DACOR and DBHF.

Chair: Angela Dickey
Staff: John Bradshaw

The House and Garden Committee ensures the upkeep and structural soundness of DACOR Bacon House and its grounds. It works to ensure that the House is maintained according to the regulations of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. It ensures that its gardens are maintained and beautified through design, plantings, and maintenance. It coordinates with the Museum Committee regarding use of museum art and artifacts for decoration.

Co-Chair: Jewel Norlin
Co-Chair: Meredith Whiting
Staff: Meg Sharley

The Membership Committee provides leadership, support and assistance to staff in assuring the success of membership development activities, including on-going membership recruitment and retention efforts, as well as targeted and specific membership development campaigns, and identifies needed modifications and recommends changes to membership dues and membership categories.

Co-Chair: James Benson
Co-Chair: Allison J. Lee
Staff: Christine Skodon

The Memorial Committee organizes the annual Memorial Day observance at the DACOR Memorial Area of Rock Creek Cemetery, and monitors the maintenance of the area throughout the year.

Chair: R. Clarke Cooper
Staff: Meg Sharley

The Museum Committee has custody of the DACOR Bacon House Foundation art and artifacts. It is responsible for cataloging, valuing, researching, displaying, collecting, conserving, repairing, and restoring them and for tours of DACOR Bacon House. It coordinates with the House and Garden Committee regarding display of art and artifacts on the House.

The DACOR Docents provide historical tours to the public at large as well as to DACOR members and private guests of the DACOR Bacon House. The Docent program is instrumental in maintaining the “Ringgold-Marshall Museum,” an important facet of the Foundation’s educational activity.

Chair: TJ Holland
Staff: Meg Sharley

The Music Committee engages musical performers for concerts and recitals to entertain DACOR members and their guests for periodical Cloyce Huston musicales each year, held on Sunday afternoons at the DACOR Bacon House.

Chair: Marilyn Wong Gleysteen
Staff: Christine Skodon

The Nominating Committee solicits suggestions for nominees and prepares a slate of nominees for Governors/Trustees, and also develops and presents a slate of Officers at the Annual Membership Meeting, taking into consideration the nominees’ demonstrated active interest in DACOR and its activities on behalf of members.

Chair: James Benson
Staff: John Bradshaw

The Public Outreach Committee supports key elements of DACOR’s mission by promoting the Foreign Service and advancing public understanding of and support for diplomacy. Specifically, the Committee seeks and develops opportunities 1) to advance the visibility of DACOR through various means of communication, including social networking, as well as mentoring, grant writing and related activities; and 2) for DACOR members to share their foreign affairs experiences by partnering with high school and college educational institutions and other organizations that share DACOR’s mission.

Chair: Lynn Vega
Staff: Christine Skodon

The Program Committee provides opportunities through speakers’ programs for members to vigorously participate in exchanges with leading experts in the field of international affairs; enhance the continuing understanding of international affairs; and provide in-depth knowledge on a specific international relations topic through the Annual Conference.

Co-Chair: Keith McCormick
Co-Chair: Shaz Akram
Staff: Christine Skodon

The Reciprocal Relations Committee establishes reciprocal agreements with suitable clubs, both in the USA and abroad. These agreements are to provide comparable benefits for both organizations.

Chair: Leo Cecchini
Staff: Alya Gunawan

The Social Media Review Committee suggests and reviews content for DACOR and the DACOR Bacon House's social media platforms. They keep DACOR's social media presence aligned with its mission statement. The Committee also oversees and approves for public release other written statements from DACOR such as op-eds, letters to the editor, etc.

Chair: Vacant
Staff: Christine Skodon

The Travel Committee provides leadership, support and assistance to staff in assuring the success of group travel opportunities, including local, domestic and international trips, and helps to identify partners to work with in providing an educational and rewarding experience for DACOR members who share common interests.

Chair: Bonnie Kyte
Staff: John Bradshaw