DACOR Bacon House

Conceptual drawing of 1801 F Street circa 1825
1801 F Street circa 1930
The DACOR Bacon House today

The DACOR Bacon House is an elegant 200 year-old brick mansion, built in the iconic Federal style and located two blocks from the White House. The House is an historic national treasure that serves as a living testament to Americas political, cultural, and diplomatic heritage. It is also a museum for the public that honors the nations diplomatic history and shares art and artifacts from around the world. Steeped in significance since the early days of the Republic, it has served as the host to our nations leaders as they discussed and debated the critical issues facing the United States. Today, it is a center for international dialogue and understanding and opens its doors daily to the foreign affairs community in support of their important diplomatic work.

Proximity to the Presidents House has always been an important consideration in selecting a building site in the nations capital. This was already true in the early 1800s when the nations first power brokers built magnificent homes in the shadow of the newly constructed White House. They chose this location to signal their own prestige but also to provide a degree of convenience proximity made it easier for decision makers to gather informally to hash out the critical matters of the day. The house located at 1801 F Street, today known as the DACOR Bacon House, was one such home. Completed in 1825, it is one of the few remaining early private homes in the Presidents Neighborhood.