DACOR Legacy Society

Join the DACOR Legacy Society

This is one of the routes to giving a gift that truly makes a difference, that ensures a level of support that magnifies DACOR's ability to fulfill our mission and multiplies your personal satisfaction and recognition. A gift of "tremendous significance" often can be made simply and at a very low cost.  

How to Leave a Legacy

Three methods of planned giving that are quick, easy and effective are:

  • Make a Bequest: name the DACOR Bacon House Foundation in your will

    • Use the following language: "DACOR Bacon House Foundation (EIN: 52-6059096)"

  • Add a Beneficiary to Your Life Insurance: name the "DACOR Bacon House Foundation (EIN: 52-6059096)" as a partial or primary beneficiary of your policy

  • Add a Beneficiary to your Retirement Plan: name the "DACOR Bacon House Foundation (EIN: 52-6059096)" as a partial or primary beneficiary of your IRA or other retirement plan.

Specific Language

For an unrestricted gift that allows DACOR Bacon House Foundation to determine how to use the funds based on the most pressing needs, use the following language for your will and/or trust:

"I give to DACOR Bacon House Foundation (EIN: 52-6059096), a nonprofit corporation currently located at 1801 F Street, NW, Washington, DC 20006, or its successor thereto, ________________ [percentage of the estate, written amount, or description of property] for its unrestricted charitable use and purpose."

To designate  your provision for a particular purpose:

"I give to DACOR Bacon House Foundation (EIN: 52-6059096), a nonprofit corporation currently located at 1801 F Street, NW, Washington, DC 20006, or its successor thereto, ________________ [percentage of the estate, written amount, or description of property]. This gift should be used for (state purpose) if and so long as DACOR Bacon House Foundation determines that the need exists. If DACOR Bacon House Foundation shall determine at the outset or at a later time that the need does not exist, or no longer exists or for some reason it is not possible (or prudent) to administer my gift as originally intended, then DACOR Bacon House Foundation may, in its sole and uncontrolled discretion, direct the use of my bequest for a purpose related as closely as possible to that stated above."

If you have named DACOR Bacon House Foundation in your will or trust, please let us know so we can ensure that your gift is used according to your wishes. Notifying us of your plans will enable us to plan for the use of your future gift. However, if you prefer to remain anonymous, we will keep you name and gift in strict confidence.

To learn more or discuss you plans to ensure they are in alignment with foundation gift acceptance policies or have already included DACOR Bacon House Foundation in your estate and legacy planning, please let us know by contacting Jared Hughes at 202.682.0500 x23 or jhughes@dacorbacon.org.

Benefits of Becoming a Member of the Legacy Society

Once you commit to one of these methods of giving and communicate it to DACOR, you will be a member of the DACOR Legacy Society. You do not need to disclose the amount you will give, but this does help us with our long-term planning. In return, you will receive:

  • An exclusive commemorative certificate, gift (a bronze paperweight and replica of the key to the original front door to the Ringgold House) recognizing your generous support of DACOR Bacon House Foundation and new DACOR Name Badge designating you as a Legacy Society Member if desired.

  • Inclusion on a DACOR Legacy Society plaque displayed in the House if desired

  • An invitation to an annual event for DACOR Legacy Society members only

  • Special recognition in the Bulletin if desired

  • Special recognition on our website if deserved

  • Reserved premium seating at select events

DACOR Legacy Society Members

DACOR extends a warm and heartfelt thank you to those members who have committed to supporting the DACOR Bacon House Foundation through a bequest or planned gift. Those names starred are Founding Members. Those in italics have passed.

Soonhoon Lee Ahn
Rodney Armstrong
John P. and Priscilla C.
James and Marianne
Dorothy J. Black*
Deborah A. Bolton*
Margaret Beshore Boonstra*
Thomas D. Boyatt*
Tommye L. Grant*
Marianne Gustafson
David Handler*
Ann and John Harbeson*
Carolee Heileman*
Judith A. Henderson*
Brian J. Hooper*
Philip Hughes*
Martin and Bonnie Smith
Charmaine Mueller Iversen*
Michael A. and Paula S.
Adaline Johnson
Susan R. Johnson*
Tom and Carolyn Johnson*
Kate Jones
Anne and Richard
Thomas A. Kellermann*
Jimmy Kolker
Mary Anne Koromilas*

Janine Brookner
Elizabeth Smith Brownstein
Kathleen Burrows-Jones
Lance and Janie Burton*
John Bushnell and Ann Bushnell*
Leo Cecchini*
Paul M. Cleveland*
Elizabeth Overton Colton*
Frances D. Cook*
David W. Cox*
Robert J. and Barbara L.
Joyce E. Leader*
Lee Nelles Leonhardy*
Catherine R. Lincoln*
Edward Marks*
Joanna Witzel Martin*
Charles Gary Merritt and Marilyn
Wilkey Merritt
Robert H. Miller*
Margot Morrell*
Margaret (Maggie) New*
Oscar J. Olson*
Bobette and William Orr
Dr. Sushma Palmer
John M. Peterson III*
Karyn Posner-Mullen
Elizabeth Raspolic*
Kathleen Reddy and Thomas
J. Smith, Jr.*
Robert C. Reis, Jr. and
Ninette K. Reis*

Paul Denig*
Angela R. Dickey and Patricia
D. Norland*
David Duberman
Milton A. Eaton*
Raymond C. Ewing and
Penelope Yungblut*
Phi and Nils Fostvedt
Dale Claire Gibb
Marilyn Wong Gleysteen*
Donnette Rimmer
Edward M. Rowell and Lenora W.
Diane Curns Salisbury*
Carol Saunders
Lange Schermerhorn*
Kyoko Schmidt*
Elizabeth Schollaert
Christine Shurtleff*
Galen Stone and Anne Stone*
Alexandra G. Sundquist*
Stephen and Maria C.
Alyce Tidball
Carolyn L. Tillotson-Smith*
Irving G. Tragen*
J. Thomas Ward*
E. Allan Wendt*
Jean Wilkowski
John S. Wood*