DACOR, an organization of foreign affairs professionals dating back to 1952, fosters frank dialog about current foreign policy matters in the discrete environment of the DACOR Bacon House. Within this stunning historic mansion, DACOR provides networking opportunities to advance the professional and social needs of its members. Through a range of programs, DACOR sustains and supports community amongst those who have dedicated their lives to foreign affairs through governmental and non-governmental work, research and academia, trade and development, and communications and media.

DACOR‘s philanthropic arm is the DACOR Bacon House Foundation, which serves as the steward of historic mansion located at 1801 F Street, NW. Built in 1825 just two blocks from the White House, the 24-room home has served as an intellectual salon for our nation‘s leaders since its earliest days. In addition, the Foundation operates a museum that provides a window into the world of diplomacy for the general public and annually awards $250,000 in scholarships and fellowships to students pursuing careers in diplomacy, development and international relations.

DACOR welcomes into membership professionals in the field of foreign affairs and accepts donations from those wishing to support the preservation and educational work of the Foundation.