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1801 F Street is famous for good food and great conversation. A noted Washington address since 1825, the House has a well-deserved reputation as an intellectual salon where the nations leaders have shared meals and ideas over good food and wine.

Today, this tradition continues with the help of the DACOR Bacon House Catering. Our executive chef and the front of house manager and the events team offers lunches to members and their guests, during the working week. For special occasions, we offer menus for receptions and dinners that cater to the refined palates and sophisticated tastes of our members and clients.

If you are searching for the perfect setting for your personal or business affair, look no further. Our staff can assist you in planning your event, selecting the right items and pairings. Contact Meg Sharley at (202) 682-0500, ext. 10, or by email at to begin planning.