Statement from DACOR on the Events at the Capitol on January 6, 2021January 8, 2021

As a non-partisan organization of foreign affairs professionals, DACOR has many members who have sworn to support and defend the U.S. Constitution and served under presidents of both parties in diplomatic posts around the world.  We have promoted democracy and the rule of law in many countries and cited the United States as the exemplar of political development. Our members have also been posted in dictatorships and autocracies, and lived through terror attacks, violent coups and the imposition of martial law. We were thus especially shocked and dismayed to see the violent attack on our democratic processes which occurred on January 6 at the Capitol Building. Many of us had the same reaction:  We’ve seen this before in other countries but never thought we would see it here in the United States. It is now vital that we complete a peaceful and orderly transition to the new administration. This is essential not only for our own domestic political stability but also for our ability to successfully conduct diplomacy around the world and allow our diplomats to effectively present our democracy as a model to other nations. Our nation has suffered a severe blow to its reputation around the globe. We are committed to working with the new administration and the new Congress to begin the process of restoring our international standing.
Message from President Paul Denig on Coronavirus Impact on DACOR ActivitiesMarch 16, 2020

Dear DACOR Members:

Given the current public health situation arising from the coronavirus, the Executive Committee of DACOR has decided to suspend all programs as well as private events at DACOR Bacon House starting on March 13th, until further notice. The guest rooms will not be available for use.

In line with other similar organizations in Washington, DC, we are following the guidance of local and national health officials who recommend extra caution for vulnerable populations. As a large percentage of our membership and guests falls into age groups which are at higher risk, we are taking this step to ensure that their health is not compromised by attendance at DACOR events.

DACOR leadership is monitoring the public health situation carefully and will follow guidance from health authorities on when it may be safe to resume events at DACOR Bacon House. While events are suspended, our staff will work to maintain the House as a clean and safe environment to the extent possible, consistent with their own health protection.

Committee and Board Meetings will proceed unless otherwise announced. However, participation will be by telephone rather than in-person. Please follow the specific instructions for calling in that are included in the invitation for each committee meeting.

Please be in touch with DACOR staff to address any questions or concerns you may have.

During this interim period, please remember to follow the guidelines of the CDC and others to keep yourself safe and healthy. We look forward to welcoming you back to our House as soon as circumstances permit.


Paul Denig
President of DACOR