Friends of the Historic DACOR Bacon House

Corporate Friends of The Historic DACOR Bacon House

Annual Participation

The DACOR Bacon House Foundation (DBHF) has established the Corporate Friends of The Historic DACOR Bacon House Program with the intent that the Corporate Friends support the preservation of the DBHF’s House and its mission to promote foreign policy dialogue and international understanding. Corporate Friends will benefit from this cause marketing affiliation through a variety of ways – chief among them branding and networking with senior members of the US Foreign Affairs Family.

DACOR Bacon House Foundation seeks to create strong, mutually supportive relationships among business and policy leaders, in an exclusive, protected setting, with the belief that enlightened understanding, respectful discussion and a sense of informed historic perspective are important as we work together to help improve the future state of our world and to advance our shared prosperity, democracy, and national security. 

Concept and Principles

Corporate Friends of The Historic DACOR Bacon House are comprised of Corporate Entities (and the appointed representative of each) as a constituency of the broader Friends of The Historic DACOR Bacon House Program established by the DBHF which includes Individual Friends.  Companies that partner with the Foundation and become an official Corporate Friend by the end of 2025 will receive the permanent designation among the Founding Corporate Friends

Participants and their representatives are those who are not employed by DBHF and would not qualify for membership in its sister organization DACOR, yet nonetheless share our values, vision, and especially the commitment to historic preservation and elevated foreign policy discourse, as Virginia Murray Bacon, the last private owner, envisioned. 

Corporate Friends are able to sponsor and have access to the imprimatur of Foundation’s programs such as the Annual Conference, lectures, publications, museum activities, musicales, and other events to promote a public understanding of international affairs, diplomacy, and the history of the DACOR Bacon House. 

Corporate Friends are encouraged to suggest programming / conference / lecture / Publication Roll Out topics that are of strategic interest to their brand and networking needs. DBHF will work with a Corporate Friend to maximize their cause marketing and branding benefits to the fullest extent possible. 

Annual Giving Levels and Benefits 

Becoming a Corporate Friend conveys benefits as outlined below:

All giving levels: Explicit mention of sponsorship on our website, in advertising for sponsored events such as speaking or musicale programs, book launches or other key programming initiatives; corporate logo and name printed on materials for in-person events as well as mailings; and rolling mention on our electronic display board in the House. Ability to advertise a Friends Corporate Giving relationship on its social media and other public materials. For events that are hybrid, there is a first come-first served reservation practice for in-person attendance and a wider virtual attendance for corporate sponsors and their guests online.  Each Corporate Friend Representative will also receive invitations to local field trips and to selected programs in the House, at the then current rate. 

At Sponsored Events: The Corporate Friends Sponsor may display logo materials at the events (e.g., a poster board/easel/Banner or swag bag). DBHF organizers will make explicit mention of the organization sponsoring the event in formal remarks. And there will be an opportunity for the Representative of a Corporate Friends Sponsor to introduce the speaker in coordination with DBHF. 

Corporate Sponsors at $50,000 and above receive all the above benefits plus a seat in the DBHF Corporate Friends Advisory Council, which will meet annually to discuss and advise on strategic annual initiatives and goals of the Friends.  

Corporate Sponsors at $25,000-49,999 are also eligible for a Corporate Team Dinner, which includes a pre-dinner cocktail reception and a curator/docent briefing for up to 75 guests. Corporate Friends at this level and above are also included in a wider, annual “thank-you dinner” event hosted for all Corporate Friends at the DACOR Bacon House. 

Corporate Sponsors at $5,000-$24,499 are eligible to use the House to entertain guests for two lunches and to book an additional event at the current reduced rate.

Thank you to our current Corporate Friends: