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DACOR’s mission is to bring foreign affairs professionals together in support of diplomacy, the Foreign Service, the public’s understanding of diplomacy, and the preservation of the historic DACOR Bacon House. Please support our mission through a tax-deductible contribution to the DACOR Bacon House Foundation. 

The DACOR Bacon House Preservation Fund


The DACOR Bacon House Preservation Fund exists to secure the House’s role as a beacon for diplomacy and statesmanship for generations to come.

A 200-year old house requires many essential tasks every year for the preservation, maintenance, and modernization of both the inside and outside. DACOR members feel that this fund is critical to the future of the organization.

Tax deductible contributions support the long-term needs of the House’s physical structure and are a critical part of our memberships’ stewardship responsibilities. It is most important that DACOR increase the savings in this fund to build for the future needs of the House and in order to protect the DACOR Bacon House in perpetuity.

The many ways you can give to the DACOR Bacon House Foundation are outlined below. Please contact Development Director Kathy Pasley at or 202.682.0500 x23 for further information or to make your donation to the DBHF.


How to Give


You can make a onetime donation or set up a recurring gift online through Network for Good. You are also able to designate how your contribution should be used. Visit to donate.

This is our major fundraising campaign. In the late fall, DACOR sends our members details on why and how to give to the Annual Fund. All donations are tax deductible. You can always give anytime during the year by sending a check to the DACOR Bacon House Foundation. You can also give to the Annual Fund online through Network for Good:

The DACOR Bacon House Foundation gratefully accepts gifts through bequests - for those members who are interested in including us in their will or as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement fund. By doing so, you will become a member of the DACOR Legacy Society. Visit DACOR Legacy Society for more information.

DACOR accepts donations in memory of lost loved ones and colleagues. All donations are acknowledged in the monthly Bulletin, providing a tribute to the departed.

Please visit Scholarships and Fellowships for more information on donating to the Education Fund and leaving bequests for education purposes.

DACOR accepts gifts of furnishings, rugs, memorabilia, art and artifacts that are appropriate for the DACOR Bacon House. While many items are kept for use or display in the House, others may be sold at auction with the proceeds supporting the House Preservation Fund.

DACOR and the DACOR Bacon House Foundation welcome the donation of stock, which can have significant tax advantages for you, the donor. To make a donation of stock, simply contact your broker and instruct them as to the stock you would like to transfer and the number of shares. Then provide them with our account information as described below. Please note that donations to the DACOR Bacon House Foundation are tax-deductible; DACOR, Inc. donations are not tax-deductible.

   House Preservation Fund DACOR Bacon House  DACOR, Inc. 
Broker  Merrill Lynch  Merrill Lynch  Merrill Lynch 
DTC Number  5198  5198  5198 
Account Number  5TL-02388  5TL-02305  5TL-02298 
Account Name House Preservation Fund  DACOR Bacon House Foundation  DACOR, Inc. 

For assistance in transferring stock, please contact:

Kathy Pasley
Director of Development
1801 F St., NW
Washington, DC 20006
202.682.0500 x 23


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